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Benefits of Virtual Tours for Real Estate Marketing Purposes

Most real estate agencies today use virtual tours on their websites to showcase their listings. These are simply in-depth views of homes and properties that allow users to experience different angles of those properties without actually seeing them in person. While real estate marketing used to involve classified ads and cold calling, today it is all about virtual tours.

There are a number of advantages to offering these virtual tours on websites. They are used often to show construction progress photos as well as to feature specific homes and to increase customer interest in those properties. One of the main advantages is that these tours are relatively easy to share on the internet. This means that agents can share tours of the homes that they are featuring on social networking sites, blogs and other avenues.

Most potential buyers find virtual tours beneficial because they offer a way to view specific properties without actually traveling to those properties. Instead of having to drive to multiple listings to find the perfect home, potential buyers can simply take a virtual tour of those homes and only visit those in person that they are really interested in purchasing.

Virtual tours help to better describe a property and help viewers to feel as if they are actually on the property during the tour. They offer the information that buyers tend to feel is important such as the feeling that they get when standing in a specific room. Virtual tours give a much better idea of the room space as opposed to traditional photos and many real estate agents prefer virtual tours because they tend to reach customers on a more emotional level. Studies have shown that video has grown in popularity over the past few years and it is expected to represent about 80 percent of all internet traffic by the year 2015. This means that 80 percent of all internet users will be watching some sort of video and agents can take advantage of this growing craze by implementing virtual tours on websites now to be piquing consumer interest in their listings.

Studies have shown that agents using virtual tours to showcase homes tend to receive higher quality inquiries than those that do not. Potential buyers are much more likely to request an in-person viewing of a specific property when they have seen that property through a virtual tour. The virtual tour gives them the information that they need to determine whether or not a specific property is what they want.

There are a number of ways to market properties today. Virtual tours are among the most commonly used and the most effective. It is important to note that in order for a virtual tour to be successful, it has to be done properly. There are a number of things to consider when setting up a virtual tour and many prefer to hire professionals with experience in creating virtual tours to handle the job just to ensure that their customers get the best possible viewing experience.

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